Patio Furniture

Galaxy Home Recreation has Oklahoma's largest selection in outdoor furniture! Shopping for patio furniture can be exhausting. It's important to sit and feel the patio you're buying. We have hundreds of makes and models in our showroom for the ultimate shopping experience. Also, we buy our collections by the truckload, meaning you have the very best prices.

With over 60 sets on display. We ONLY carry the best brands, like C.R. Plastic, Homecrest, Meadow Craft, Patio Renaissance, Agio, Gensun and Castelle. With innovative design and affordable luxury, our selection is unbeatable. That’s important because not only do these brands have the best styles, they are also the most durable.   guaranteeing you decades of enjoyment and comfort.  Oklahoma weather can be fickle and these brands can withstand most weather conditions with little maintenance. 


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